Hiker’s Bermuda Triangle Hiking In Hong Kong Geopark

Hiker’s Bermuda Triangle Hiking In Hong Kong Geopark
Cheers to the magnificent view (Hiking in Hong Kong)

If you hear there is a place is hiker’s Bermuda Triangle in Hong Kong, do you dare to go hiking in Hong Kong? If yes, here’s an easy route to see the landscape of 140 million years ago.

Why Must You Go Hiking in Hong Kong?

Under the pressure of work, hiking in Hong Kong is something Hongkongers do on weekends. Beyond the city, Hong Kong has 24 country parks, covering 40 percent of the area.

All parks are undeveloped and attract more than ten million visitors each year. So, you wanna travel in Hong Kong like a local? Go hiking in Hong Kong and escape from the concrete jungle!

Easy Hiking in Hong Kong, High Island Reservoir East Dam

This is our only hiking in Hong Kong, but it is the most fascinating scenery we’ve seen in Hong Kong. We originally planned to hike in the Lantau South Country Park, but we have no way to go as it takes too long time to hike.

If you as same as me want to see the old-style of Hong Kong, taste cheap seafood and take an easy hiking in spectacular scenes, then you MUST come to Sai Kung. It absolutely worth a visit!
As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. Here’s what you can see at High Island Reservoir East Dam in Sai Kung East Country Park.

High Island Reservoir East Dam resembles Giant’s Causeway in Ireland

Great hiking in Hong Kong Global Geopark
Great hiking in Hong Kong Global Geopark
The same rock formations as the Giant Causeway is in Hong Kong. A Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark, where you can see and touch the hexagonal rock formations created by volcanic explosions 140 million years ago. It was a powerful explosion in the era of dinosaurs. But no worry, it is now an extinct volcano.
Hexagonal Columns
The tall and majestic hexagonal rock formations resemble the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland

From the photo, there are arrays of hexagonal rock columns beside the High Island Geopark Trail. They are formed by the cooling of more than 1.3 trillion cubic meters of lava and volcanic ash, distributed in High Island or called as Leung Shuen Wan.

Po Pin Chau, The amazing of Nature
One of the most anticipated sights in our trip to Hong Kong – Po Pin Chau

My favorite landscape is Po Pin Chau, located in the southeast of East Dam. The rock pillar is almost vertically to the sea and looks like a huge pipe organ. I can play this huge pipe organ if I’m a giant too.

Why Is There A Name of Bermuda Triangle for Sai Kung?

You should hear about the mystery’s incidents of the planes and ships disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. The same mystery happened in Sai Kung but on hikers. In 2005, an off-duty police officer got lost in hiking at Sai Kung. He called 999 (police station) for help but it was just 7 minutes of conversation, and the signal was unclear. Luckily, the police had some clues about his location after communicating with him. After that, more than 100 experienced amateur hikers were looking for him but have not found him. Many police officers had conducted searches over the ocean, land and air for more than a decade, and the results are the same. The story of this off-duty police had been adapted and filmed in a Cantonese drama called Psycho Detective.
Hiker’s Bermuda Triangle in Sai Kung, Hong Kong
Hiker’s Bermuda Triangle in Saikung
Other than that, a bus driver disappeared in Sai Kung in 2009. And in 2011, another person calling 999 for help, but the conversation was mysteriously halted. Until today, they are still missing. In addition, according to online news, other people are missing in Sai Kung. Even so, the eerily natural wonder still attracts a large number of hikers to go to see its beauty.

Easy Hiking Trail in High Island Reservoir East Dam

The trail from High Island Reservoir to my favorite spot Po Pin Chau is the shortest route and easiest way to reach the end of the hiking. I can’t say that this is the safest hiking trail, but I don’t feel the danger.

Remarkably beautiful view in High Island Reservoir, Sai Kung Hong Kong
Remarkably beautiful view in High Island Reservoir
Stunning Landscapes of Hexagonal Columns
The view of the neatly arranged hexagonal columnar tuff is absolutely stunning!
Dolosse Blocks in High Island Reservoir, Sai Kung Hong Kong
Dolosse Blocks in High Island Reservoir
another route to Po Pin Chau (not for beginner)
Two silly peoples looking for another route to Po Pin Chau but failed

If you hike from the Pak Tam Chung to Po Pin Chau, it will take at least 3 hours. But if you hike from High Island Reservoir East Dam to Po Pin Chau, it will be just 30 minutes. The photo below from Google showing the way to the hiking route. You can key in “High Island Reservoir East Dam” in Google Map to the destination “Po Pin Chau” it will show you the route to go.

OMG view of Po Pin Chau - Sai Kung, Hong Kong
The scenery of Po Pin Chau is O-M-G!
Experience the Best Hiking in Sai Kung, Hong Kong
One of the best hiking in Hong Kong
I don’t recommend friends to take the long hiking trail because you will walk on the asphalt road and it is quite dangerous. Click here to see a person’s video which shared his whole trip from the bus stop to High Island Reservoir East Dam.
Awesome Hiking at Hong Kong Sai Kung
Experienced amateur hikers will hike along the coast of Hong Kong Global Geopark

There is another hiking trail to hike along the coast. It needs to be an experienced amateur hiker who needs to swim and climb, but the views are incredible.

Fastest Way to Get High Island Reservoir East Dam

Roadsign - Sai Kung Country Park Visitor Centre, Hong Kong
Get more useful information in Sai Kung Country Park Visitor Centre

By Subway > Bus > Taxi

Hiking in Hong Kong will color your journey. However, travel from the city to High Island Reservoir seems to be a bit difficult for westerners if compared to Taiwan. Because there is no electronic display board on the bus to tell you the name of the next bus stop in English. We used Google Map to locate our location to find out when we need to get off.

Subway – Firstly, take Tsuen Wan Line to Mong Kok Station. Change to Kwun Tong Line to Choi Hong Station.

Bus – After that, go out from C2 exit, take bus 1A to Sai Kung Pier Public Minibus Terminus. After that, take bus 7 to Pak Tam Chung (there is a UNESCO Geopark Volcano Discovery Centre right beside the bus station and washroom available)

Taxi – Take a cab to High Island Reservoir (万宜水库)

Travel Tips in Hiking in Hong Kong’s High Island Reservoir

Sunset at High Island Reservoir, Sai Kung Hong Kong
Awesome sunset in High Island Reservoir!
  • Go early, and you have enough time to enjoy and relax there
  • Although Hongkonger’s English is good, some taxi drivers are not able to say English. You can ask the people around you politely to share a cab
  • Get taxi driver’s mobile number before alighting. Call a taxi if you don’t want to wait for endless waiting in the pavilion
  • If you are leaving, you must call the taxi before 4 pm because the local taxi drivers said they are not willing to come in the evening. If someone wants to go there, they will come in
  • Bring umbrella, foods and enough water
Taxi dropoff point - High Island Reservoir East Dam
Although we left in the evening, taxi drivers are still willing to come in as the locals come in to watch the sunset
  • Recommended to stay in Sai Kung instead of travel back to the city
  • After hiking in Hong Kong Global Geopark, you can go to Sai Kung Hoi Pong Square to enjoy seafood. Our best recommendation is Cheese Lobster by Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant (全记海鲜)
Cheese Lobster by Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant
A splendid Cheese Lobster by Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant!

High Island Reservoir East Dam is one of the best hiking in Hong Kong and perfect for nature lovers! You don’t have to be a geography lover to hike. Just arm yourself with an adventurous streak like us and venture out to explore one of the Hong Kong’s hidden gem!


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