13 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) when travelling to Malaysia


Malaysia is one of the top travel destinations in Asia, with millions of people visiting this cultured-packed country each year. Of course, being one of the Muslim countries, tourists tend to have questions to ask before visiting this country. Hence, we have answered 13 frequently asked questions (FAQ) from tourists in Malaysia.

Are all of Malaysians Malay?

No, Malaysian is mainly a mix of three major ethnic groups – Malay, Chinese, and Indian. The largest ethnic group in the country is Malay and indigenous peoples (69%) where Chinese (23%) and Indian (7%) are the next. So, tourists can expect well-diversify cultures in the country.

What language do they speak in Malaysia?

Malay is the national language of the country, and most of Malaysian know how to speak. Mandarin and Tamil are the primary languages of Chinese and Indian. But, most of the Malaysian speak well in English as it is a compulsory subject in school, and it is ranked No.3 for English proficiency in Asia. So tourists are fine to travel with English.

Malaysian is well-known as good language learners. Majority of Malaysian speak at least two languages (Malay and English). On top of that, Chinese speak Mandarin and native languages such as Hokkien and Cantonese. Last, Indians speak well in Tamil.

How to dress in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a hot and warm country. So, you are encouraged to wear a comfortable dress when visiting Malaysia. Short pants and shirts are acceptable in most places except worship area like temple and mosque. Visitors need to check and follow the dress code of the place before visiting.

Do I need a visa to visit Malaysia?

Malaysia welcomes foreign visitors and provides visa-free up to 90 days for most of the countries. If your country is on the list below, you need a visa to enter Malaysia:
  1. Afghanistan
  2. Angola
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Bhutan
  5. Burkina Faso
  6. Burundi
  7. Cameroon
  8. Central African Republic
  9. China
  10. Colombia
  11. Congo Democratic Republic
  12. Djibouti
  13. Equat. Guinea
  14. Eritrea
  15. Ehtiopia
  16. Ghana
  17. Guinea-Bissau
  18. Hong Kong
  19. India
  20. Israel
  21. Ivory Coast (cote d’ivoire)
  22. Liberia
  23. Mozambique
  24. Myanmar
  25. Nepal
  26. Niger
  27. Nigeria
  28. Pakistan
  29. Rwanda
  30. Serbia Montenegro
  31. Sri Lanka
  32. United Nation (Laissez Passer)
  33. Western Sahara
  34. Yugosalavia
You can check the latest list from this link to ensure you are visa-free.

What type of plug or socket is used in Malaysia?

Malaysia uses the British Type-G plug (3-pin). Be aware that the standard voltage in the country is 240V and frequency is 50 Hz. If you do not have a travel adapter, you can quickly get one from Amazon.com.

Please take note that power outage could happen in Malaysia. So it is advisable for tourists to bring along a power bank as a backup.

Is Malaysia safe to travel?

Malaysia is generally a safe country to travel. Most common criminals in the country are pick-pocketing and purse snatching. These criminals can be avoided by practicing common sense and precautions. Some of the tips to travel safely in Malaysia:

  1. Do not leave valuables items and important documents unattended, in the hotel or on the car.
  2. Be aware of the surroundings when you are walking along the sideway of the road. Especially motorcyclists who drive suspiciously toward or close to you.
  3. Keep your backpacks in front of your body when you are taking public transports.
  4. Do not keep your car unlocked.
  5. Cloning machine is all over around the world. Do check the ATM before you withdraw money.
  6. Do not walk alone on the roads or alleys, especially at night.
  7. Avoid ostentation of wealth. Malaysian people don’t usually wear luxury jewellery in daily life, doing this and criminals know you are here for traveling.

How to travel in Malaysia?

Malaysia is big, and many hot destinations are well-spread across the country, so it could take weeks to travel the whole nation. Hmm, which is the best way to travel in Malaysia? It depends on which cities you planned to travel.

If you only visit Kuala Lumpur, public transport is sufficient for you. MRT and public bus service cover the city so you can always travel around easily.

If you travel in the same state or city except for Kuala Lumpur, the best way to travel is to hire a car or bike. You will find it easier to travel in the city if you have a car or bike. Malaysia has good internet coverage so you can always stop and check for the map when you need to. If you do not have a driving license or not familiar with driving on the left, you can always get a private car transport using Grab.

If you need to travel across different states, budget airline is the best in travel time. Traveling from the Penang to Johor only take 70mins and the cost is relatively cheap, generally within 50 USD. The price is lower if you go by public bus and trains, but the time could be much longer, for example, taking a bus from Penang to Johor take you about 9 hours 10 min.

When is the rainy season of Malaysia?

Malaysia has two monsoon seasons, Northeast Monsoon and Southwest Monsoon.

Northeast Monsoon (November to March) is the wet season in Malaysia due to the cold air from the north. The Monsoon will affect all outdoor activities, and many islands of east coast Peninsula are closed during the season due to the safety reason.

Southwest Monsoon (May to September) is the dry season in Malaysia. During the season, most states have the least rainfall except Sabah of Borneo Malaysia. As such, tourist can enjoy most of their outdoor activities unaffected. However, please take note that Malaysia is a hot country, it is advisable to take more water and sunblock during the day.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Malaysia?

No, we will boil it first before we drinking it. As Malaysia use chlorine to clean the tap water, boil the tap water will speed up the evaporation of chlorine. So we suggest tourist to do the same before drinking it or drink the bottled/purified water.

Can tourist go Malaysia for health treatment?

Malaysia is the top destinations of medical tourism in the world (IMTJ awards). So yes, it welcomes tourists to visit the country for health treatment. Tourists will have “5-stars” experience during their treatment with much lower cost as compared with countries like the US, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Penang is the hottest place for medical tourism in the country.

What is the emergency number in Malaysia?

Emergency number is important when you need helps in foreign country. Records the following numbers and you can reach somebody when you need to:

  • Malaysia Emergency Respond Service (MERS) – 999
  • Malaysia Tourist Police Service – 03-92354999
  • KL Embassy:
    1. American Embassy – 03 – 21685000
    2. Australia High Commision – 03 – 21465555
    3. British High Commission – 03 – 21702200
    4. Indian High Commission – 03 – 62052350 to 4 
    5. Indonesia Embassy – 03 – 21164000
    6. Japanese Embassy – 03 – 21772600
    7. New Zealand High Commission – 03 – 20782533
    8. Singapore High Commission – 03 – 21616277
    9. South Korea Embassy – 03 – 42512336
    10. Thai Embassy – 03 – 21488222
    11. United Arab Emirates Embassy – 03 – 42535221
For more useful number, you may refer to this link.

What is Durian?

Durian is named as the king of fruits in many Southeast Asia country, and Malaysia is one the production country. Many of the people will not like durian after the first try due to its strong smell. Anthony Bourdain: “Your breath will smell as if you’ve been French kissing your dead grandmother,” but for durian lovers, this smell is so irresistible. So made the fruit becomes the most diversity fruit, you either love it or hate it.

What is the time difference?

Here is the time difference between Malaysia and some major cities in the world:

Auckland* +5 hours

Sydney*     +3 hours

Tokyo         +1 hours

Beijing        same time

Delhi –         -2:30 hours

Zurich         -7 hours

Dubai          -4 hours

London       -8 hours

New York   -13 hours

Las Vegas   -16 hours

*(adjustable for summer time)

For more information, you can check this link.


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After reading this post, we hope that above “13 frequently asked questions (FAQ) from tourists in Malaysia” has answered some of the questions in your mind. If you have further questions to ask prior to traveling to Malaysia, please comment on us below, and we are happy to help you as much as we can.

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