We’re Ryan and Ryn, two full-time adventure photographers and budget travel bloggers.

We’d been riding bicycles all around Taiwan for 30 days and working for 9 months tough seasonal works in New Zealand. After these two trips, we realised that our dream is to understand different cultures and foods and hunt incredibly beautiful nature! So, we quit our job in Singapore and became full-time travellers to pursue the meaning of life.

Currently, we planned to travel in our hometown to learn more about our culture so that we can share it with the people we’ll meet on the road, maybe you.

Now we’re on the way to our dream. Despite it isn’t easy to travel for long as we must find ways to earn and improve skills such as photographing skill, but we’re ready to fight against all the challenges of the journey!

  Freedom is the justification for your existence

How we started Ryanrynvagabond?

So far, we’ve travelled to nine countries together. It looks a little, but it is normal for our generation of Malaysia. Apart from that, the Malaysian currency is in a downturn. The annual leave is at least 8 days. Workers often have over workload and need to work overtime. You knew this is true life.

Yet, Ryn was lucky. Ryn’s friend asked to apply together for the New Zealand working holiday scheme. Afterwards, Ryn asked Ryan to go and apply too. In the end, we had six people to apply and all got it! This was an awesome opportunity for us to live abroad for the first time. The chance is only once!

However, we’re just two shy people who aren’t from rich families. After we came back, we back to normal working life.

At that time, we worked hard, we saved money, we planned a lot and tried to earn extra money to retire early. Until one day, Ryan lost money on US stock. Part of this money is Ryn’s saving for a year and a half. We suddenly realized and began to ask ourselves why we keep finding the ways to make money to live a life we don’t like? So we discussed what we really want and can give up.

Obviously, it is not enough to travel the world with just our 10 days of annual leave. We both knew the one important thing which is undoubtedly true is our hearts have been stolen by New Zealand paradise landscape. The only way is to get it back from the beautiful nature. So, we have to change now. It’s time to see the world!

But, our dream was opposed!

Since we’re Chinese, it is difficult to convince our family and receive spiritual supports. Let’s us explain some Chinese culture to you. In the Chinese tradition, finding a stable job before the age of 30, buying a house, buying a car and organizing a family is a matter of course. And live with parents and take care of them.

In the last three years, we’ve been asked to marry after we have a steady income. If we tell our mother that we are leaving our job and home to pursue our dreams, it is difficult for Ryn’s mum to accept her daughter to travel with her boyfriend for a long time if she is not married. As she worried her daughter might be in danger and if breaks up, no one can protect her. And it is difficult for Ryan’s father to accept his son to give up a steady job to do travel blog which may be no income.

We truly understand that leaving the comfort zone is hard for most people. But I don’t want to leave my life blank and full of regrets. For us, we knew there are many obstacles ahead. Trying to solve these obstacles will allow us to grow and get more experience that we can’t see and feel in the comfort zone. So we need to be stronger and brave to take the step forward.

After hundreds of explanations and promises, we finally got the spiritual support of our family. We’re so happy!

How to be a travel blogger?

For preparation, it’s really beat our brains out. We are not professional in IT, marketing or even design. But we’re learning how to do it and beat it!

We spent months to prepare a travel blog, sell unwanted things, paying off the debt, buy needed equipment, do research, cultivate good habits. And the last important thing was to learn the new role of becoming a partner.

When we were doing the website, we found that Ryan excelled at IT and Ryn is good at designing and writing. In addition to learning to make a web page, most of the time was spent to understand each other. Being a work partner is not as simple as taking another role between us. After countless times of quarrels, and even close to breaking up, we’re friends, lovers, family and work partners of each other now!

Let’s stay with us, we will keep sharing our inspiring and funny stories to you. Also, telling you with fruitful photography tips!


If you happen to meet on us on the road, come to say Ni Hao (Hello) to us! We’ll be very happy to see you.

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